Friday, September 09, 2011

Thank Zeus It's the Weekend

Did you watch Obama's jobs speech last night? An ardent believer that Hillary would have been better, I couldn't tear myself away and felt this speech was more powerful than others. Now let's see if anything happens. Dish doesn't get involved in politics.

As you all know, Duran Duran is touring and I'm feeling that pang, like, everyone and their mother has met them, but not Dish. I've had friends play tennis with them, attend weddings with them, work on projects with them, party with them, and John Taylor even knew of my existence for a few minutes in 1986. Despite this, I've always been a day late, maybe for my own good. This angst is fourteen-years-old of me but there you go. I've workshopped it, therapized it, put it in the safe, homey cottage but it's still there, 30 years later. To be honest, my life is complete without fulfillment of this adolescent dream. I am spoiled enough to see them in concert twice next month. Here is Duran Duran accepting their GQ Lifetime Achievement Award:

There's another vague terrorist threat for the anniversary of 9/11 and I have to say: HOW CLICHE, terrorists. It seems like a ploy to pit Americans against the Middle East.

Dish is fully jaded upon seeing evidence that Ella from Bachelor Pad, the one who's just scrapin' by and has to win the quarter mill to feed her son y'all, HAS HAD ALL THIS PLASTIC SURGERY. She was a knockout before! I shouldn't be surprised. Then there are skeleton-pics of the new, shrunken Ali Lohan who seems headed on the same path as her sister.

To lift my spirits, I'm going to try to get TG to watch one of my two favorite feel-good movies: The Lives of Others or Ordinary People. I wore him down to watch Notting Hill. I will do it again. Such is the power of Dish.


Anonymous said...

When I first watched "The Lives of Others," I deliberately held off on watching the ending until the next day to make the movie last longer.

Would you believe the word verification on this post is "dishis"?
Since I can't stand sentence fragments "Dish is saving me from spending an hour in the depths of because now that I've had a tiny dose of gossip I can go back to the mind numbing project I have to finish tonight."

Dish Upon a Star said...

I feel the SAME way about The Lives of Others. We just finished watching it. I'm sobbing like a baby still--all thanks to the last minute. Okay, maybe a little all throughout but especially the last line. KILLS me.

Best of luck on the mind-numbing project. You can do it!