Friday, September 02, 2011

TGI-Getting Crap Scared Out of Me Via A Haunting

Do not get addicted to this show. Real ghost stories told in dramatic fashion. TG and I are hooked, though he just revealed he doesn't believe in ghosts. This after we both download Ghosttracker on our iPads and communicate regularly with spirits (okay, maybe that's margarita and scotch). But tonight I learned how dangerous Ouija boards are and I have one unwrapped. I'm too afraid to open the gateway.

Can you believe this is more exciting than anything else in the tabloids? Well, some sad news--that HawthoRNe got canceled which means Jada and Marc Anthony are unemployed. Lindsay Lohan parked in front of a hydrant because she can't help getting into trouble. Then, remember that icky story of a billionaire's son who died, then his girlfriend was found hanging a week later? Well, the girlfriend's death was ruled a suicide and her family is pissed. Sounds suspicious to Dish, too, very Dateline.

Thanks to a comment, it hits home that all tabloid news goes to promote a show/movie or to keep a fading star current. Modern oracle of Delphi Tom Cruise was right--that it's all lies. Julia's alleged over-vodka-drinking--Eat Pray Love; Brad's wandering eye? Moneyball. Madonna's boy toy pics? W.E. And it goes on and on and on. Mel Gibson's arrests and alleged domestic abuse? Okay, maybe he is crazy. Can you tell Dish is jaded?

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