Monday, October 03, 2011

Amanda Knox Conviction Overturned!

This was an awful case, with strange evidence, freaky reactions, and bizarre people involved every which way. Dish watched several Dateline/20/20 type shows about this case and I'm not sure what to believe. Have this icky feeling there will be lots of press about her return home, if not a made for TV movie.

Now here's real justice: An order of protection was granted for uber fame-whore Kate Major and her doubly fame-whoring ex-fiance Michael Lohan who allegedly slugged her while blasted out his mind--allegedly. Landfill, anyone?

Arrested Development is coming back for one season. Boycotting quirky family shows, Dish never watched it but sends a blanket support clause for all projects featuring Jason Bateman and Portia.

Happy news: Seth Rogen weds Lauren Miller and Pam from The Office gave birth to a boy. The greatest of Mazels. Madonna to perform at Superbowl halftime? I'm a little intrigued. The Black Eyed Peas sucked. We know Dish's ultimate choice:

Tupac lives. A sex tape has allegedly surfaced. I heard Marilyn Monroe also has a film coming out where she pleasures Carmen Electra.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on Madonna singing at the Superbowl. Now I'll know to mute the tv before hubby can hear a note and - no offense to Madonna. In the last two and a half years, the only singers who haven't made him look like he's in the worst pain of his life upon hearing national anthem were Michael McDonald and Lady Antebellum.

HersheyKiss said...

Sidekick and I just got into Arrested Development a few weeks ago -- streaming from Netflix -- and love love love it. This is delightful news about their return! On a different note, I smell a future sitcom starring Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox. Perhaps Nancy Grace can play the quirky, meddlesome neighbor, prone to flashing nip.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood needs HersheyKiss. Gifted.