Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Star Sighting--Anna Deavere Smith!!!

2:35pm, 18th and 7th: In that second, I resolved to make an effort to look better when I go out in public. Since moving to NYC, I've dressed like an Olsen twin--hair everywhere, no makeup and tent-like clothing. I just haven't given a f*ck. As I resolved to up my game, I spotted a disheveled-looking woman talking loudly into her cell while carrying her bags. Could it be? Why, yes! Anna Deavere Smith of The American President and, holy hell, Nurse Jackie (so close to the divinity that is Edie Falco!!!)! As I got closer I realized her dress was a rather gorgeous black, her bags not so tattered, her hair joyfully unkempt. And that voice, so distinctive to this goddess of film, stage and muse to movies set in the White House! An inspirational sighting.

Johnny Depp apologized to RAINN for his insensitive comments about photo shoots being like rape. Dish accepts and will move on. There is freedom of speech and thank goodness we don't jail people for their words, but no need for hurtful hyperbole.

TG complained that I hadn't written much about him. I try to protect his privacy because he is that awesome. Just wait until you see how he steals the show on Anderson. We still don't know when our show will air--let's hope next week.

Rumor has it (not the film) Eddie Murphy will cameo on SNL. I'm rooting for you, Eddie.

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