Thursday, October 06, 2011

Star Sighting--Justine Bateman!!!

11:34 am, Barclay and Broadway: Headed to the gym, Dish spotted a normal looking woman in her forties who'd been through some sh*t. Why it's Family Ties actress Justine Bateman! She wore sunglasses and dark jeans, walking with someone else and saying, "...wild animal..." The mind could go places but I thought of only the miles I had to run.

And not to be repetitive, blessings on the life and work of Steve Jobs who, if you've been living under a rock, passed away. He was definitely one of those Howard Roarks--a creator beyond our wildest dreams. Jobs helped me see a giant red flag in one of my exes who chose iPhone over Dish, Jobs made music more accessible and, lastly, he has allowed me to travel without hauling a gigantic, heavy laptop. I have thirteen more years to change the world. At least Jesus did this in only 33 years.

Speaking of blessings: Sarah Palin is not running for president. The women have been blasted out of the presidential race. Thank goodness, right?

10 days until:


Anonymous said...

I once thought I was two feet away from David Lynch while walking down Fifth Avenue day, but I wasn't sure.

Then another time, I thought I saw Hillary Swank on the subway but again wasn't certain.

I'm 99% sure Gail Simmons and I shared the same crosswalk for a minute one summer, but again there is still that one per cent of doubt.

But I'm also prone to double checking whether the toilet flushed or the front door is locked...

Does Dish have superior celebrity detecting skills or do you sometimes second guess yourself?

Dish Upon a Star said...

Don't doubt yourself, Anonymous. Celebrity-spotting, like ESP, is a muscle that needs exercise and a lot of wasted time. I don't second-guess myself unless I'm far away.

I also double-check front door and toilet flush. OCD traits play a big part in star-gazing, so you are well on your way!