Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pigs are flying!

Gene Simmons married Shannon Tweed after twenty-eight years. If this can happen, what are the chances George Clooney will also get married again, after being so adamantly against it. Though Dish feels there are those who are perfectly happy not getting married (hello, Goldie and Kurt/Brangelina!). Nothing wrong with that! Mazel to Mr. and Mrs. KISS.

Tonight is the premiere of Dexter. Dish wonders what the big deal will be. How will they top their game? Edward James Olmos joined the cast. He can be really good or really acty so we'll see. Also, I'm eager to see if the divorce has any impact on the relationship between Dex and his "sister." Must be awkward. And The Good Wife. I still think the sexual chemistry between Noth and Margulies is more powerful but will suspend disbelief that she and Josh Charles are hot and heavy. Christine Baranski rules.

Today's Duran Duran video, I think made by a fan: This one makes Dish cry.

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