Friday, August 19, 2011

Bill Clinton No Longer Eats the Meat

Why does this make me think of Brian Kinney from QAF? Because that the slogan for one of his ad campaigns (Eat the Meat--oh so Brian!). Anysnooches, the big news is that Bill Clinton has gone vegan. How does he do this? Well, Dish has tired of that heavy-meat-eating feeling but a good steak now and then hits the spot. Then again...Madonna is macrobiotic, Nick Rhodes is vegetarian. I'm cracking under the pressure!

There really is no other news (okay, West Memphis 3 released and had huge celeb support in Eddie Vedder and Natalie Maines but Dish hasn't caught up on this case) except that Kim Kardashian is about to take the plunge in the most over-hyped wedding of the year--yes, even more than Wills and Kate. There is no reason for the hype, is there?

So...Duran Duran possibly in Atlantic City. The Boston one might be tough since it's on a weekday. But who knows, maybe I'll go bananas this fall! You only live once and I have held back for too long.

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