Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not Even the Promise of Rochester Could Keep Us Interested...

TG and I spent good money to watch the latest critically acclaimed Jane Eyre, the one with Michael Fussbender and Mia W****???. We were so bored by it that we couldn't even wait to see Rochester. $4.99 down the drain. Beautiful scenery and gripping backstory just doesn't cut it. Give Jane an AK47 and we might have stuck with it.

So...Dish snuck in Something Borrowed, which was a mindless delight starring the perky Ginnifer Goodwin and awesome Kate Hudson. It's pure fun and faithful to the book by Emily Giffin, which you will lose sleep over because it's that engrossing. I recommend the flick but it's no Citizen Kane. Now, if only they would do Something Blue with Kate Hudson and John Krakisinski (spelling?).

Kim Kardashian married the tall dude and Donald Faison and Cacee Cobb are engaged. Whoopdidoo!

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