Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reality Suicide

Holy freaking crapwagons: Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong's husband Russell committed suicide, found dead last night. It seems severe financial problems and recent divorce filing pushed him over the edge. Yish. I'm sure having your entire life scrutinized on reality TV didn't help! Poor bastard. It's just awful that his three kids will have to live with this. There's a ton of blame going around, but Dish feels that suicide is one person's fault. Some people have a breaking point when it comes to dealing with hellish circumstances.

In lighter news: Jessica Simpson is not preggo most likely because she was seen staggering drunk recently. So, the bottom line is that she's just F*A*T, as in a normal weight by most of our standards. Enjoy it, girl!

I'm just happy that Sean Hayes is back on TV soon with a new series where he plays a gay dad raising a child with his partner. On NBC! Can life get better? Yes! Jennifer Aniston will appear on Days of Our Lives as her real-life father's wedding planner. I'm set.


Anonymous said...

Re: can't stay in hell long enough

Are you talking about Russell? If so, isn't that a bit harsh?

Dish Upon a Star said...

I didn't mean it that way, I'm sorry! I meant that some people can't tolerate ongoing hell--like even with terminal illness. They just want out. I didn't mean that it was a good thing that Russell died, I promise. It's very sad to me that he did this, even with the threat of his "secrets" coming to light.

Must reword!