Thursday, August 18, 2011

Star Sighting--Elizabeth Gilbert!!!

9:45pm, Eighth Avenue b/w 18th and 17th: TG and I went for a long walk, looked for stars at Dos Caminos but struck out. Turns out we found one close to home. Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert (Go back to bed, Liz) was walking arm-in-arm with a shorter, older man wearing a hat. Her hair was thrown haphazardly in a scrappy bun and she wore a reddish sundress. Nice picture overall. They chatted like long lost girlfriends and Dish overheard EG say, "...and she never had sex with the man."

I'm *that* much closer to Julia now...

Ps. Dilemma, should Dish go to Duran Duran concert in Boston, mere days after another one of their concerts? Is that too insane?


susan said...

Yes, of course you should come to Boston! (when is the concert?)

HersheyKiss said...

I think you should see them as often as you can. What are the chances of this happening again? Hopefully good .. but vocal chords get ill ... situations change ... do it now and don't look back!