Sunday, August 21, 2011

What To Do With a Purple Wig?

Now that Kim's wedding is over, what is there? Dish moped the streets, pondered still which Duran Duran concerts to see since NYC hasn't been booked yet. I've read all the self-help, run my 18 miles, worked like a dog, and balanced my checkbook. And I got a purple wig.

So, to deal with my come-down, I plopped in Country Strong. Ya know, it ain't no Coal Miner's Daughter or Sweet Dreams, but it's got some kick. I thought I was dung twanged out--no such luck. As fun as it might be to hate Gwyneth Paltrow with her skinny, blonde natural beauty dating the best and brightest of Hollywood and showing off all her oddamn accents, Dish is going on record to say: I love her. She has a hypnotic singing voice. She's not a bad actress at all. And she sure can wear a sparkly gown. B*TCH!!! I will also put forth Tim McGraw as a double threat with his acting and singing. Love him! Here's a Dish favorite, which was *almost* my wedding song until TG vetoed it for excessive sappiness: Instead TG and I chose:

Dish is considering video broadcasts. Thus, the purple wig. What do you think?

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