Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dishbrothersidekick Just Blew My Mind

Forgive my absence. My problem this week was living too much in the celebrity present. Tonight, Dishbrothersidekick pulled me from the edge of Lamar-Khloe-Dina-Lohan-DUI-Lindsay-side-boob-reveal hell. Stars are so completely boring these days with:

1. blissful union
2. reality show
3. boredom
3. despair/drunkenness
4. rehab
5. exit from rehab
6. desperate bid for more fame
7. back to rehab
8. reality show ten years later

This depresses me. I'm saved now. Let's live in the past, where celebrities were just as wasted but way more exciting! So, DBSK and I were having a side conversation at dinner about Kylie Minogue and he mentioned how she and Michael Hutchence of INXS were doing it--he says married but I verified three times that they were just consistently banging (in an airplane?). I would have never put those two together--and had NO IDEA that they traded fluids--so I spent two hours on Google, going back in time and reliving salaciousness of the 90s--which always brings me back to Duran Duran (Simon wrote a song for Michael after he died, Michael that is), who are past, present and future in all arenas (if you're a Duranie you get this amazing joke).

Back to the present, all I have to say is: That bitch. Hands off my Julia!

Oh yeah, and Mario Lopez and his lovely wife gave their new son a normal name, Dominic, and for this, I love them. Emily Blunt is preggo.


Anonymous said...

so glad ur back, miss Dish! u made my weekend!

Dish said...

Thanks, Anon!

Anonymous said...

Love the new graphics. Very snappy.

Dish said...

Thanks, Anonymous!