Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm So Over Jennifer Being Engaged

...along with her betrothed's skinny pants. I made a rule decades ago that I'd never date someone tinier than me--because I'd done it and it was like caring for a little doll. I broke my own rule several times because there are some hot short/skinnies out there. But every time, it was akin to petting a newborn kitty--or maybe I just felt too bumbling and mannish. This is so mean of me! And horrible but true. Justin is very clever, so I'm saving face sure they'll be happy forever.

Here's what TG and I are pissing ourselves over. And, speaking of Jen, this!

Breaking Bad tonight. I'm getting sick of the franchise, which I shouldn't admit because I'd be wrong.


JuliaRo said...

Love the new design, girl!!

John Haracopos said...

Switch back to your old design template, this one makes it hard to take you seriously!

John Haracopos said...

BTW- Am I the only one that remembers Justin's BIG DICK from Six Feet Under???

Dish said...

Thanks, Jules! And JJ, when is Dish ever serious? Yes, I remember JT's alleged appendage in 6FtUnder but I'd forgotten about it SINCE THAT'S NOT ALWAYS ON MY MIND.