Thursday, September 26, 2013

Grey's Anatomy: Where Personal Drama Is Way More Important Than Medicine!

Dish loves Grey's Anatomy! The doctors can't operate because they're having sex in the on call room or angsting over failed romance. I love every second of it, especially the repetitive dialogue, how McDreamy's hair changes in one day (it's a little shorter, by some miracle). Two doctors go down because they're too stupid to realize water and live wires fry the crap out of you. Thank heavens for bad oh-so good TV!

The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco is engaged! After boinking Superman Henry Cavill, of course she's going to rebound hard. But this one might be the one she was meant to marry. You can't really depend on superheroes--they either fly away or decide not to come back for the sequel (though I think Ben Affleck will be a great Batman!).

Sons of Anarchy needs a shot in its tattooed arm. My suggestion: shorten it to 42 tight minutes, less reaction shots to every single damn thing, more Peggy Segal and Jimmy Smits indulging in geezer sex. That was mean--I am also a geezer, officially.

I keep thinking how much I love Sandra Bullock, but I can't bear to see her new movie Gravity. Do I want to hear Sandy whining, wailing, bawling while she's floating in space? I don't get it. Maybe if she and George Clooney get it on in their space craft, I might go.

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