Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jen's Uterus--An Update

Allegedly Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant but this could be covering up for her pregnancy. Dishmama would call this policing genitalia. It's true, we spend our time watching her belly for signs of fetus. At this point, we'll be relieved if she births even a paramecium from her shriveled internal repro-parts (I'm 12 mo. ahead of you, Jen). God forbid she go her whole life without breeding a perfect, shiny blond with gigantic blue eyes and perfect comedic timing. Seriously--these rumors have plagued her for over 10 years. Why aren't we bothering James Franco? Why isn't he reproducing? Bradley Cooper and George Clooney need to pop out some kids, too (preferably together and we can see pics).

Dishbrothersidekick informed me that a celestial event will occur: the return of Catherine Bell as The Good Witch. DBSK writes:

Mark your calendar for Sat, Oct 26!!! Hallmark is having a Good Witch marathon starting at 11am covering all 5 movies and premiering the 6th installment, The Good Witch's Destiny (at 11pm)!!!!!
And I just read they started shooting number 7 already, The Good Witch's Wonder! (which will air next year). 

Here are the links:

Can you feel our enthusiasm? I can't get enough of that Catherine.

Speaking of too good to be true, Dish went to Jersey Boys for the twelfth time. Wedged between enormous and loud people, I felt very uncomfortable. And just when I started to think God doesn't exist, I heard the voice of Dominic Scaglione, Jr. and I know the divine exists in his vocal cords. He is a fabulous Frankie and I never get nervous about his missing a note (that doesn't always happen). His voice is always strong. Okay, Dish just loves all the Frankies and everything related to JB.


Anonymous said...

Where is Friday, we demanding readers want to know.

Dish said...

I'm so sorry! I'm being lazy again.