Sunday, September 22, 2013


Though completely screwed by nasty deadlines, I'm trying to watch the Emmys. Totally felt for Merritt Wever (love her) of Nurse Jackie, who seemed too nervous to give an Emmy speech. Dish had that happen though memorized the speech so thoroughly it rolled from my mouth when up on stage.

Things I learned this weekend: Passionflower tea sucks! Thanks, Dr. Oz. This is what I get for watching his show and taking all his holistic tips SERIOUSLY. I tried the freaking dark cherry juice, the chia seeds, the yogurt every day.No more self-improvement for me. I'm 45 and there's no cure unless you put me on an island and take all my choices away. Citrus tea will never stop tasting like pee.

I blame the tea but my mind has had an endless loop of Billy Ray Cyrus on Piers Morgan saying that his daughter Miley created something "really special" at that infamous award show, like she built a house for the homeless or swam across the English channel. It was so sick, I couldn't stop thinking about it. How special is it to redo what Madonna essentially did--and others before her (I forget everything before Madonna)?

Shocking: Gretchen and Alexis allegedly fired from RHoOC. Alexis, I can understand because she seemed so normal and likable this season. As for Gretchen, I think everyone turned on her, especially with the singing, bickering, and the tired romance with Slade.

And now, back to the grind.

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