Monday, September 09, 2013

Syria Issue Creates Many Frowny Faces

So many frownies in one TV frame! I mean, look at these somber boys. Either someone farted or they're talking about potential war in the Middle East. The women weren't much cheerier.

More sadness, RFKjr diaries have been snatched and secrets revealed. He's pissed because those thoughts/feelings were not meant for public reading. Hello, we are your snoopy big sister, which means all bets are off, tool! We read everything and it's the truth because it's uncensored. Sanitized You is not as fun!

Miley Cyrus dumped from Vogue cover. Hurray!

Nadal wins men's single in US Open!

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Anonymous said...

It's now Friday. Are we letting down the team? Is TG brutalizing Dish? We are missing you.