Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shocking Photos, Bold Lies

I love Carrie but this poster will give me nightmares, especially those glowing eyes. It's just so intestinally wrong, like a horror flick, The Scream of (Death) Music. Must watch, though, don't you think?

Zac Efron allegedly spent time in rehab for a coke habit. I don't get the big deal with coke. I mean, it made me sneeze. But to pretend I was practically addicted when I tried it, I exaggerated its effects to my friends: I did it once and I instantly wanted more. My name is Dish and I'm a pretend-aholic. Stay off the crap, Zac--you were in one of my favorite dance scenes ever!

Brandi and Lisa VanderP not getting along? How did these two bosom buddies split? Luckily, RHoBH coincidentally begins soon.

Lastly, this is what happens when everyone is more famous than you are. The momager bikini shot. But why didn't Kris go further south?
That would have been brave. I will if you will!


John Haracopos said...

Carrie Underwood playing Maria is like Barbra Streisand playing Janis; Ridiculous & Wrong!

Dish said...

Agree. (I will watch anyway!)