Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Housewife Divorce?

I just read the news that Porsha and Kordell from Real Housewives of Atlanta are divorcing. Praise be! I felt bad for her since she sort of married her father (this happens). She's finally free!

But as one spirited babe is released from prison, another heads to the dark side. Jesse James--the one who cheated multiple times during his relationships with Sandra Bullock and Kat Von D--married an heiress. Unless her brains were sucked out of her ear, how could the new Mrs. James possibly rationalize this union?

I pushed away my worries with Phil Spector, the new Mamet film via HBO. Al Pacino in a wig is still Al Pacino. He begins as Phil, but turns into Al. I had the most trouble with the Mametty dialogue which never seems real. Kind of boring until one scene toward the end when Al chilled me. Helen Mirren is, of course, excellent no matter what.

Run to MOMA if you want to see Tilda Swinton sleeping in a box. Or...you can just come over to Chelsea and watch me from 11-7:30. Oh, the snoring, thrashing and stealing of covers!

Dancing with the Stars: TG and I are hooked! Go Jacoby and Andy Dick! Find out tonight who gets voted off first... My guesses: D.H. Hughley (who seems like a giant pain in the ass), Dorothy Hammill (though this would be like kicking a puppy), or Lisa Vanderpump (love her but zzzz as a dancer). Jacoby for the win.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally bored with having blog entries that last three days. Dish, have pity on your fans

Dish said...

I'm trying to pick up the pace. I'm sorry!!!