Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bachelor Finale--Spoiler

First of all, Dish read a spoiler to The Bachelor, which ruined everything. Never again! Oh wait, I said that last season. This time around, I felt there was only one bad apple in the whole caboose (that makes no sense, Dish)--the evil and clueless Tiera. All the other girls seemed nice. A few weren't exactly intelligent, but who cares? I'm fine with Sean's choice of Catherine, though I have the feeling she might bail later on when she realizes he's kind of nice and predictable. But that's just me, being negative. My real excitement over the finale comes with the announcement of the new Bachelorette: Katie Holmes Desiree Hartsock! She was the one I'd wanted Sean to pick toward the end.

And now, I can go back to life as usual.

Oh, and in stupid fun news: Gerard Butler finally admitted that he slept with Brandi Glanville. He just didn't remember her name. That just makes him so much more attractive, doesn't it?

Such as.


Anonymous said...

Tantrum Time. We need our everyday Dish. We do not like "I'll write when I feel like it" Dish.

Dish said...
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Dish said...

Sorry, Mom! (I know it's you) What do you think I am? A machine? Or you, the original Super Woman?