Thursday, March 07, 2013

Too Much Happening to Stay Silent

This week was a real pisser. First The Bachelor. ABC is teasing us with The Women Tell All episode. This season did little for me. I wanted Sean to be with Dez, but he threw her back in the ocean. Was he really so douchy with AshLee that he lied about his feelings? Did he say he loved her more than the other girls? Tiera, I appreciate her role on the show.

Karen Kim Kardashian had a miscarriage scare. I was worried with all her jet-setting while carrying a baby. You can't keep up the same frenetic pace. It's hard to walk out of limos to go to planes. Dish would totally stay in one place if I were carrying a wee one. Well, that's sort of what I do now. I'm not preggo.

Joy Behar is leaving The View after 16 years. I love her stick-to-it work ethic! There is so much stop and go again in this world.

Perhaps the worst news this week is that Valerie Harper has terminal cancer, perhaps three months to live. Oh, Rhoda. It's just unfathomable. Out of respect for her, I'm going to turn off Vanderpump Rules right now and observe a moment of silence over Valerie's awesomeness.

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