Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finally, Jay Leno Might Be Leaving!

Dish ate a bad meal at a nearby restaurant, so it could be the severe abdominal pains from subpar meat talking, but I'm a little sad for Jay Leno. Okay, maybe not that sad since the Conan O'Brien ousting from The Tonight Show was sheer awfulness. Jimmy Fallon might be taking over in 2014 and moving the show to NYC, which would be amazing. NYC is the new LA (no it isn't).

My pain also comes from not only the hype over The Bible miniseries produced by Survivor's Mark Burnett and F*cked Touched by an Angel's Roma Downey, but also the announcement--replete with corny photos--that Tiger Woods got himself a new blond, dating Lindsey Vonn. Lindsay Lohan's got a new mug shot.

Full disclosure: TG and I have a nice apartment, but it's a pit. We are slobs. My cat is a slob. We blame it on the cat, but we are total pigs. I threatened to hire a cleaning person. Because TG is thrifty, he suggested I make a "chore" chart and whoever completes the most number of tasks gets a reward:

TG's reward: An extra date with my stepfather (fierce man-love)
My reward: I get to do a dramatic superior dance

I started my first task today, with TG dreamily reading his Proust, and realized: TG is not competitive in this arena. What does he care if he has to watch a superior dance? He's going to let me do all the chores and say, "How great, you win. You can do the chores every week."

Anyone have a great cleaning god/dess?

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