Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Guinness Day!

This is the happiest news ever since it combines three things about which I have endless passion: Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and witches! Ryan Murphy is a genius with this excellent American Horror Story revelation for next season!

More of why Ryan Murphy is my favorite person except Glee kind of sucks now. He's filming The Normal Heart (Dish has seen numerous times, not a fave) in NYC, which means JULIA ROBERTS WILL BE ON THE PREMISES. TG refuses to go location scouting with me for Julia's whereabouts--and let's face it, I will probably remain on my fat ass working. But...if any readers have a hint of a clue of where she might be, please dish. I might need a pick-me-up from all this work. And bear in mind, I will keep a distance from The Queen because I'm a giant chicken-sh*t.

I've been worried about Tone Loc and his seizures for years. He keeps collapsing on stage, which breaks my heart. How can this genius ever be sick?

More The View drama--it seems Hasselbeck really might be gone. Baba is pissed the news got out before she could expel it in a tiny burp covered by her hand. Christie Brinkley is allegedly lobbying hard to get on the show. That might be fun if she lets loose--no fakery. For The View, you need one stable (as in will show up day after day) wackadoodle and at least three who are interesting but won't cause too much drama. Brooke Shields is the new Meredith!!!


John Haracopos said...

You know that J.J. loves Julia Roberts, but I'm just not getting why she's been cast to play Dr. Linda Laubenstein in "The Normal Heart" film after Ellen Barkin's Tony Award Wining portrayal on Broadway... Was Ellen given an offer? Did she turn it down??
Granted, Julia is a better age to play the doctor but after seeing Ellen's fanfuckingfabulous work, I just can't imagine Julia letting herself go far enough.....
What's the dish, Dish???

Dish said...

Here's what I think happened. Ryan Murphy and Julia became besties during Eat Pray Love. He wants to use Julia in all movies and she's not doing romantic comedies (Dish's choice!)--so of course he cast her immediately. Have to say, I ADORE ADORE ADORE Ellen Barkin in everything.