Saturday, March 30, 2013

Today Is So Yesterday

Just how low can the Today show go? Watch this.They're doing this sad piece about vacuuming, and Matt is taunting Savannah Guthrie for her lack of vaccuuming experience. No doubt, he's referring to other kinds of shortcomings with a hose. I would have flipped him the bird too! Rumor has it, Anderson Cooper has been approached to take over Matt's spot. Wouldn't that be amazing? I would watch again.

Justin Bieber keeps landing in hot water. For bad driving, letting someone else drive his car badly, vomiting on stage, and now spitting at someone. What a gigantic p*ssy (I'm sorry, Mom). Seriously, when is spitting a show of strength? I did it once with serious consequences (it got rubbed back in my face). If you want to show off your cojones, why not just pop the person in the face*? You know Biebs wanted to avoid the extra work. Allegedly.

Very upsetting: Mamie Gummer and Benjamin Walker are splitting. Who gets custody of Meryl Streep?

*I don't condone violence. Dish prefers a withering glance or flipping the bird.

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