Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cable Is Easier to Get in Outer Space!!!

So Star Trek god Sir Patrick Stewart tried to get his Time Warner Cable hooked up but got no service, lackadaisical response and outage-ness (like his belly button?). PS got so pissed he took to Twitter, then got instant response because he's a star. Dishmama got the runaround from TWC for MONTHS so she switched to Fios. And so did we.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested for leaving scene of accident. Her victim seems to be a scheister so she might be right this time about being set up.

Our favorite trampire Kristen Stewart might be back together with Robert Pattinson, just in time for the latest Twilight movie premiere. I stopped at the Dakota Fanning one. I have no emotional investment in this story.

Shakira's hips don't lie. She's preggo! Thank goodness. We've been waiting forever for her to get knocked up.

Blog readership seems to be down so I'll just talk about me, if no one's reading: I'm middle-aged, barren, my manicure just chipped and I have arthritis!!! (I can live with this)


Anonymous said...

Don't believe the readership is down. Dish is hot as ever as are, of course, the stars.

admiringcousin said...

Nor do I believe that you don't have as many readers as ever!

Dish said...

Thanks, Anonymous (Mom?) and Admiring! You lift my spirits!