Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rising Above the Shaky Camera in End of Watch

Ever since Blair Witch and Traffic, Dish has hated the oh-so artistic shaky camera and whiplash editing styles of today's filmmakers. I understand you have to show Stress, Desperation and a Sense of Urgency, but can't you do that without turning my stomach?

It was with great trepidation that Dish went to last night's Director's Guild showing of Jake Gyllencute's End of Watch. I did it for Jake and Michael Pena, both of whose work I've enjoyed over many years. After about 20 minutes, I got used to the shaky camera even though it still pissed me off. This flick is a delight and one of the few cop/buddy movies that seemed realistic, without the usual law enforcement baloney. Gyllenhaal and Pena are credible as cops who deal with enormous stress and boredom on a daily basis. I highly recommend. Really hope this gets some Oscar attention since it's well deserved for both actors.

Jake and Michael (I can first name them) came out afterwards for a Q&A session. I was stunned at how articulate they both were, as if they each had college degrees and read actual books. In fact, they were mega-nerds. Such wits, the boys were so obviously into their "craft." Some superficiliaties: Jake is not a super-stud in person, not so tall either. He has a nasty beard and seems very mountain-man-ish or still recovering from 90s grunge. Dishbrother and I ditched our Jake-napping plans immediately. After the Q&A sesh, we walked out, slowing down so that we could catch up with Jake-i-poo. Wearing the usual star-baseball-cap, he walked unnoticed with some friends, then whipped out a cigarette. We shadowed him for about a block, then realized we were too old/not losers to keep following him.

In other news, as the Middle East freaks out over that silly film (which I'm surprised anyone takes seriously because it's so stupid), Europe keeps sucking on the teet of exploitation with topless pics of Kate Middleton. Mitt Romney is trying to be hip by saying he likes Snooki. Please, don't insult us. She is so three years ago.

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