Sunday, September 09, 2012

Did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Tie the Knot for Reals?

People just reported this and I'm a little stunned. You have to feel really bad for Blake. First, she has a boy's name. Her luscious locks and long legs help us forget her potentially hidden man parts. But her life keeps getting worse and worse. First, she gets a bland yet starring juicy role on Gossip Girl. Then she dates hunkalicious Penn Badgely (sp?) for years. After they grow out of each other, she rebounds with Leonardo DiCaprio, which is such a trade up. She could have gotten Oscar roles! But no, he just had to move on to another blond. Blake then cries into her beer with funny/hunky/decent actor Ryan Reynolds, who seems way more user friendly and less in love with Scorcese than Leo. I approve this message.

Congrats, you crazy kids! May your children be blond with 6-pack abs.

(I'm not sure I believe this actually happened)


Hershey Kiss said...

Turns out they wed in Hersheyville, and have been spotted around town. If only Dish would visit STAT, she would bask in Ryan's loveliness.

Dish said...

I did notice the local and that you might have gotten an eyeful of the newlyweds. I'm shocked you didn't invite them over for tea. Are you watching Glee? Does Dolly wear a wig?