Thursday, September 06, 2012

My Favorite News Story of the Day!

I shouldn't laugh about this, but I am anyway! Tom Brokaw accidentally took Ambien this morning before going on the air. He complained of being light-headed and was rushed to the hospital afterwards before the truth was revealed. I know this probably was scary (but did you eat from the craft table, flash your t*ts and tell hilarious stories about your childhood, Tom?).

If you've missed Brian Kinney Gale Harold, here he is jumping on the It Gets Better train. I kind of hate him for being so literary, she says as she reads Andre Schiffrin's A Political Education. What are you trying to do, Gale--educate us???

Hurray and Boo:

Camille Grammer gets 30 Mil in her divorce. Hurray!
Drew Peterson found guilty of murdering his third wife. Hurray!
Will Arnett and Amy Poehler separating after 9 years. Boo! Did you know he was once married to Penelope Ann Miller? Interesting!

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