Thursday, September 06, 2012

DNC Recap: Day 2

Dish is trying to be a little objective but it's so difficult. Am I right in concluding that the speakers for the DNC are just better? Sure, their message is better to Dish, but I fell in love with Reagan back in the late 70s/80s and he totally screwed us. Anyway, here's what you missed:

Nancy Pelosi: A little blah, but she stated the facts.
Sister Simone Campbell from Nuns on a Bus: (with a smile) Paul Ryan sucks ass.
The Bain people: Romney just wants the $$$.
Sandra Fluke: Duh, 2+2=4. Romney: Evil; Obama: Good -- using way bigger words. Short and sweet. She's powerful!
Elizabeth Warren: I have this Republican male friend who gets borderline violent about Warren. He goes after her with this venom I don't understand. Because she's not a canned politician, thereby easy to rip apart. And she's female.
Bill Clinton: 48 minutes of awesomeness (a little long). He explained complicated ideas in simple terms--is probably the first to tell the truth about aspects of the candidates' platforms. Did not mind the length. I did mind that he foamed at the mouth on the right side. Since the heart surgeries, losing weight, going vegan, he's become an angry bitch--and I love it!

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