Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Facebook Fast: Day Two

The clouds in my head lift a little more today. I take all my vitamins, even though I think they're bullshit. Instead of losing myself in Angry Birds, I stare into the subway car window, wondering why Mitt Romney's got a fake tan. Does he not see he forgot the eyes? Is Mitt that in love with Snooki? Did he wear a Speedo and where are the pictures? Oh wait, no pics please.

I'm obsessed with politics now. Luckily, TG wanted to watch Piers again tonight. With Ahmadinejad (you're so impressed I can still spell his name 24 hours later), Piers acted like a snooty Brit--asking allegedly probing questions but really, predictable and often disrespectful. I don't care if you're interviewing the Tasmanian Devil, you are respectful. With Bill Clinton, Piers practically gives him penis washes. In therapy, instead of discussing my ennui--because that's all it ever is--we dish on Ahmadinejad, how he likes to be provocative--starts out with nice-nice-peace-peace before unleashing the crazy. It reminds me of post-partum Britney. I'm sure Therapist made the same connection.

Speaking of celebs, TG has just discovered Gangnam Style. Our worlds have changed. Learning the dance is so much better than tracking the latest divorce between Plastic Face and Douchebag. Psy and TG are like-minded. My husband will master this dance. The key is catching it on my iPad.

More proof that Facebook fasting improves your life: I've accepted spontaneous invitations for this week. I know! Dish is never spontaneous. My outings are well planned with potential roadblocks sanitized and processed. Basically, it takes a village. Once I'm at the village, I'm great. Getting there is my hell and that of everyone around me. So, tomorrow night, yeah, I'm doing something. And I might not back out at the last minute! This weekend was free...until today when I thought, sure, what the hell, I'll get into a crowded car, travel, interact with others and do something that will support someone else. WTF?


Anonymous said...

We love it when Dish sits in the subway thinking politics.

Dish said...

Aw, thanks! I'll try to do more thinking. It's difficult, especially on a Friday!