Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Star Sighting: Mark Ruffalo!!!

7:52 am crossing 94th and Amsterdam, Mark with his family, seen by Dishbrother who was surprised at how hunkalicious Mark is. He's one of those stars whose gorgeousness sneaks up on you when you're not noticing. Great actor, annoying Ray Romano voice, which puts Dish off. But we approve this sighting.

Dish is in a hurry so quickly:

The sociopath won Bachelor Pad. Utter brilliance. I'm sure dead bodies will appear since the winner showed some unraveling.

True Blood twins have arrived! Ouch.

Kris Jenner and NBC ruined the moment of silence for 9/11. Showing us what's really important.

Watched Katie. Couric is a delight, perfect as a host, but totally overtanned.

Tried to watch War Horse but I'm not into horses and gag reflex started working over Spielberg's swelling music and sweeping landscapes. I don't need my heartstrings to be pulled!!! Give me a rubber shark any day.

Dish is seeing ZZ Top AGAIN TONIGHT!!!

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