Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comedy Central at The White House Correspondents Dinner

Dish spent too much time hooked on mundane moments at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Stiff people standing and greeting each other. But TG was making Pad Thai and what could I do? Read Balzac? Please. (tho I do love the Balz--esp Pรจre Goriot)

The excitement began at 10-ish with Obama's roast. Prezzie seemed at ease, though am I the only one who thought "the delicious pitbull" pun was an odd cunnilingus joke? Michelle looked positively baffled and a little horrified. Lots of dog-eating in his speech, though Dish is down with off-color jokes to break the ice. Then came Kimmel who seemed very nervous. He did a lovely job, had some jokes that made TG howl (one of my fave sights) along with some stinkers. Seal of Approval, JK.

You knew there would be slams against Lindsay and Kim and, despite this, these gals both looked beautiful. I will say this about the Kardashians: They are all great sports. They laugh along with the jokes and never seem miffed -- a good lesson for us all. I've done my own criticizing of these two. It's so easy. I don't think enough about how hard it must be for them to receive constant negativity.

No, I can't give up criticism entirely. Then I'd be Gen-Y and expect praise for extracting a large booger from my nose.

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