Sunday, April 22, 2012

A KanKim Sweet Adventure

New York was besieged by Kardashians this weekend. Kim and Kanye went walking through the fields, he picked her some flowers, she giggled and offered him a lick of her ice cream cone. As the cameras clicked away, they indulged in hot PDA then walked to the hotel where they could make passionate love as a Nets game played in the background. Mama Jenner approves! Do we believe any bit of this romance? Not Dish. Show me stains.

Neil Diamond got married. I love this man. Here's my Ally McBeal theme song (though it's really this one and this one), a favorite of mine growing up. Happy marriage, you crazy kids!

Which reminds me, must check Duran Duran tour dates to see when to purchase. And then a PowerPoint strategy to lure TG to his second DD concert. He is key to my somehow meeting the band (it's been 29 years of passive adoration, don't I deserve it?) because he's got the kind of aura people are just drawn to. People stop him on the street all the time. He would find a way. But then he needed a big bourbon to get through the D.C. concert and he didn't smile a lot. Whose needs are more important, his or mine?

Dare you even ask?

Back to my The Killing/Mad Men/Nurse Jackie/The Big C/The Good Wife, Screw You, TV, I Can't DVR all these awesome shows Night Sunday.


HersheyKiss said...

The rumors must be getting to Kanye. Although we're likely stuck with him, I'll say from my perspective that we don't want Kanye on our team! The heteros can have him!

Dish said...

How about a trade: Kanye for John Mayer?

HersheyKiss said...

Sounds reasonable.