Monday, April 23, 2012

I Confess: I Love Tom Cruise Movies!!!

He may be rabid for Scientology, gay or not gay, weird, "a nasty little man"*, so powerful as to remove a Katie Holmes sex scene from Thank You for Smoking, intense, and giver of the strangest and/or corniest interviews ever, but I LOVE HIM. There, I said it. I love Tom Cruise. I love his movies--all of them. They make me feel good. He can't always act. Sometimes he's brilliant. I dunno. I JUST LOVE HIM for the awesome over-40 action star that he is. Today, Dish lost herself in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and, god, he revealed fierce athleticism as he outran a FREAKING SANDSTORM in Dubai. He's not scared of the world's tallest building or wrinkles or getting food poisoning from a random strawberry at a party in Mumbai. He's TOM! Thanks, TC, for delivering escapism once again. So much better than booze and drugs...not that these are my escapes of choice and he'd be against that. Taking my vitamins as we speak, TC! Cleansing!!!

Feels good to get that out.

More goodness: Giuliana and Bill are expecting baby via surrogate. Finally, a nice happy development for these two.

A special shout-out to a special Homegirl, who's been to hell and back. Time to party like it's 1999.

*A friend of a friend said this about dealing with him, but Judge Judy would dismiss this as hearsay, ergo bullcrap.

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J.J. said...

Tom Is A True Movie Star!!!! Yes, He Is A Freakazoid But He Also Happens To Work Extremely Hard At His Craft!! Off The Screen He's A Full On JackAss, On The Screen He's A Hollywood Treasure!!!
BTW, The Heavy Lids & Crows Feet That Have Landed On His Face Make Him Hotter Then Ever!!! How The Fuck Did He Manage That???