Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day #3, I Mean, Only Day #2 of Star Fast

Which means I'm not even halfway through. Did I mention that our air-conditioning isn't working?

It's quite sobering not to read Perez during work breaks. Somehow, I resisted The Post at my kiosk. That rag is my downfall, plus it's too easy to see what's on TV. My Yahoo browser indicated some news about Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga but I did not click on it. Did not watch episodes of Lost. My Netflix queue remains untouched. Have not inserted a DVD. I've withstood torture by loved ones of sensational news regarding Duran Duran and Sandra Bullock. TG claims that Gina Lolabrigida is having an affair with Brad Pitt. As if she'd touch his nasty ass. Most painful, I did not catch up on my CNN while at the gym. To quote Prince Dougray Scott in Ever After, I will not yield!!!

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DM said...

No need to look for heroes and heroines elsewhere. All you need to do is look in the mirror! xxx