Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girls Making Money

Nepotism is so useful. Madonna's wee bairn Lourdes "Lola" Leon is starting her own fashion line, described on the blog: . Lola has been hip since she was pulled from Madge's belly via C-section. I've followed the girl since 1996 and she's a true trend setter like her mother and not a clone either. It helps when you have kazillions funding your cause, even better when you have the talent to back it up. Now let's hope Lola stays on the straight and narrow.

Katie Holmes as Jackie O. I'll go against the grain and say: Yes. She's a cutesy version of Jackie and before she got Cruised, she could act. Let's hope she gets the accent right. I'm rooting for her to be frighteningly good, as was Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens. Didn't expect a lot and she killed. We know Greg Kinnear will be amazing as JFK.

According to Twitter, Amanda Bynes is un-retiring and I'm back eating solid food. No more worrying about her financial future or how she'll spend the next 50 years. And no more fears that the movie world will be populated by literate and unpredictable stories.

In an upset heard round the world, TG finds himself charmed by none other than "Snooki." She is now my most hated person next to Teri Hatcher, who by the way, showed up at a Massachusetts summer camp this past week. I'm waiting for the reviews via DishMole. The food remained untouched.


Natasha said...

Just a minute, Dish. Isn't there some rule about how you can't have your own "line" until your orthodontist removes your braces and blesses you to go forward in life without your retainer? Look closely at Lola's mouth. . . . .

HersheyKiss said...

I can't wait until Lulu and Rocco, or whatever his name is, come across Mommy's little picture book called SEX. That should make for some delicious dinner conversation ... with the nanny.