Friday, July 16, 2010

How Can I Refudiate This?

Sarah Palin has invented a new word: Refudiate. I understand exactly what she means so let's use it. Sarah has a big wedding to plan and, of course, I'm contributing to the cause by buying the latest US magazine where a womanly Bristol and Levi with baby pose for the cover.

Dish has her own wedding to plan and I'm wondering: What about a Duran Duran themed wedding? Menu: Simon Le Bon Bons Wardrobe: Tuxes Taylored by John and Roger. And as today's wedding coordinator said to Dish: "All Rhodes lead to Nick." Fedora wedding favors. You can take your own Girls on Film. After the ceremony, everyone will be Hungry Like the Wolf. During the reception, we'll play the Wedding Album and it will be a Late Bar whose liquor will vanish Faster Than Light. That's All She Wants.

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