Friday, July 02, 2010

Dish Is Related To...

...Liev Schreiber!!! Maybe it's a stretch but DishAunt kept name-dropping about family and "Schreiber" was one of the names. Could it be true? I see a little resemblance in the massive jowl area. Does this mean that Naomi is sort of sister? Now I can brush her long blond hair and it wouldn't be weird at all!!!

So, I'm thinking of doing one of those Julia/Julie/Happiness Project challenges, not for publicity or $$$ (though of course welcome) but for my own betterment. I wouldn't last a year so I'll challenge myself to one week of NO: celebrities, movies, Page Six, perezhilton, huffingtonpost, radaronline, People, etc... Perhaps even no television? One week. Can Dish do it?

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Natasha said...

Honestly, Dish. Of course you can do one week of no-anything. Just order in some yummy Thai food and curl up with Proust. Or, better yet, enroll in a Valley of the Dolls-esque Swiss Sleep Cure. Sounds good to me!