Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dish Supports Shirley Sherrod!

Though a life-long Democrat, I have even less faith in our administration than I did a couple years ago. O never promised me a rose garden and I never expected one. But now, he and everyone around him hold no credibility with me with the unjust Shirley Sherrod firing. How sad that bad journalism can influence a President. I'm sure if O knew what I'd done thirty years ago, he'd have me fired, too. Shame on the news networks for doing poor reporting and misconstruing long-ago incident and being themselves racist and sexist. Thanks to CNN for reporting the truth.

Sadly, I can't see her getting her job back and, if I were her, I wouldn't want to work for so many jackasses.

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Anonymous said...

Dish is a leader. While the Secty of Agriculture said he had zero tolerance for Sherrod's racism, Dish posted her support. Maybe the post brought all of them to their senses. Thank you Dish.