Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's official that I can go a week without the media. Now that I don't have to, there are a few items to address:

TG and I listened to the Mel Gibson rant and giggled the whole way through. He was hilarious! Who talks like that? Well, drunk people at 3 a.m. So nice the world finally knows the real Mel. How to erase the fact that he's a talented actor?

Lindsay Lohan needs to go to jail fast. Her fame-whoring father said something very astute (for once) by urging her drug testing to include prescription drugs. Apparently, she's Judy Garland sans talent. Can death be far behind?

World Cup: TG and I tried to pick a side--the country that hurt the Jews the least and/or the nicest uniforms--and failed. Not the most exciting game but yay anyway.

To end on a happy note: Let's hope Kevin Costner's barge, Ella G, can help clean the oil spill. Ella is my grandmother's name--a good omen.

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