Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day #4: Dish, with a Doctorate in Duran Duran

With no TV, mags or newspapers, I've fallen back on the sweet succor of my oft neglected iPod, o compressor of music. If you blast the night version of "Is There Something I Should Know" by those fab five comprised once of Simon, Nick, John, Andy and Roger (now sans Andy), it dulls the pain. In this precious gem of an enlighted age, you'll discover an homage to Roxy Music and Chic. Truly a funktastic and haunting melody to get you through the darkness. As I ran, I thought deeply not of literature but of Simon's hair through the ages: from mullet to Rob Thomas to Meg Ryan and now Kate Gosselin circa 2009, such blessed rock star tresses. As I finished my trudging and Duraning, my eyes strayed to a screen located across my machine. It displayed jovial men in red uniforms celebrating in homoerotic fashion. Not the gym, but Spain had won some part of the World Cup. I didn't ask.

And now to work with the cool rumblings of "Girls on Film" (Night Version).

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DM said...

Dish is heroic! So proud.