Friday, July 23, 2010

A Whole Lotta Nothing

The really talented Eric Roberts has sold out by signing up for Celebrity Rehab. I gave up on him when he did the Lifetime movie with Anne Heche (watched it 3 times anyway). Still think he's highly underrated as an actor.

Supposedly Christopher Reeve had a gay relationship. So has my cat.

Dish is catching up on True Blood and can barely get through it. What's the allure, aside from the always excellent Jessica Tuck?

Shirley Sherrod has been vindicated but it would've been nicer if she could have kept plodding along, doing her job. She's everywhere in the news, but days later, still not a whole lot venom against the people who publicly condemned her without doing the homework. To me, it seems particularly cruel to bash a woman who was open about her feelings of racism some thirty years ago. While I was -10 in the 80s, I remember racism being rather flagrant. One of my teachers called the only black girl in class a "honkie" and we were all supposed to laugh at the irony. Sadly, racism will always exist and is unacceptable. But let's also go after the really big villains. I'm going to have a tea party. Wink wink.

I hate it when I get serious, too. I wonder if Sandra Bullock really IS getting back with Jesse, as reported by those knowledgable tabloids. Chlamydia, is all I have to say.


Anonymous said...

Dish, there you go. Mentioning Sandra Bullock, again. Just rented Blindside and yes, I cried--that's nothing new, I always do. Great story. Uplifting and much needed in this economy-- a real feel gooder, but honestly--Dish, tell me, WHY did she win an Oscar? Why? Why? Why? My own mother could have delivered those lines just as well. Honestly.

Natasha said...

That's my comment, not anonymous'. Geez.

Dish Upon a Star said...

Here's a Dishstory Lesson:

Sandra won an Oscar for the same reason Julia won for Erin Brockovich--they ain't gonna get any better than that, they makes tons o' dough for the industry and are loveable.

I've just blasphemed. That said, I love both Sandra and Julia more than life itself.