Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Talking to Girls About Duran Duran

Maybe I took the title too literally. When I heard it existed, I sprinted to Borders for Rob Sheffield's book signing. Did I know this Rolling Stone critic? Not even a little. But any insight into my obsession was an instant Dish-RSVP. All day, I daydreamed that DD might show up just out of narcissism (Dish cuts out news headlines with her name in them). Sadly, while Sheffield was wildly entertaining, he only mentioned DD when someone queried about Warren Cuccurullo. I've now decided I'm going to call my memoirs: Twilight...And Other Night Creatures In My Bed. We'll see how it sells. Dish bought two copies and got them autographed. I heard him mention So Red the Rose to an admirer, which indicated a deep knowledge of the Fab Five. I scanned the room for Simon, Nick, John, maybe even Roger hiding in the YA section. Nothing. Just one man wore a shiny gray suit, hopelessly out of date and not even close to Duran-like. While on line, I spoke sparkling French with a Belgian but had no quippy small talk when it was my turn to get my book signed by a CELEBRITY. See? Dish would never be a good stalker of famous people.

Despite the anti-climax, I enjoyed Rob Sheffield's reading immensely. He is furthering the blessed clause of DD. I'm sure I'll become a fan once I start the book.

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