Monday, July 05, 2010

Guest Blogger: TG

Starblog #1. Starship Dishiepoo. Captain TG Grillspoon. We have just returned from 48 hours of leave in Euphoria, NJ where Dishmom, Dishstepdad, Dishbrother, Disbrother's partner, and Admiral Dishiepoo herself celebrated the independence of our great nation. Traditional holiday staples were had and enjoyed by all: potato salad, ribs, corn, ice cream, in addition to a sumptuous tart with crème anglaise and blueberries. I have been admitted to sick bay after First Officer Shlock's tricorder readings detected abnormally high levels of cholesterol and alcohol in my bloodstream. Dr. McGroin has recommended a vegetarian diet and use of a girdle should trips like these become part of the Star Trek franchise. On a more positive note, Chief Engineer Mr. Pott has successfully produced a marinade for spare ribs that will make them as tender as baby back ribs for next year's celebration. The Confederation is considering accommodating Mr. Pott with its highest honor for this money saving discovery.

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