Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's The Year of the Bad Husband

So what about all this Mel Gibson news? Dish's take: Mel has been sick for many years. He's a rage-aholic, everyone says yes to him, he might be a little gay, his peak was long ago, he's divorced Robin because they had no "spiritual common ground." A valid thing for a couple. FYI--both TG and I worship the Goddess Pesto who lives in a big noodle in the sky. What makes me mad is Whoopi, whom I normally support, who supports Mel on The View. Said Mel's nice, he's no racist, Oksana is a golddigger. She may be, but no one should get punched in the face. If Mel had punched me, I wouldn't go to the police. I'd leak his messages on the Internets because his career/life/ credibility would be ruined more thoroughly. The police might have ignored her as they often do criminal celebrities. Hell hath no fury...

Speaking of a-holes, George Steinbrenner passed away. While he was enjoyable on Seinfeld, I'm a little nauseated by my hetero-guy-friends posting weepy R.I.P.s on Facebook. I've been an avid Yankees fan since 1978. Though legendary, GS was an a-hole. I'm not glad he's dead but I won't be toasting him anytime soon.

Lastly, my review on Inglourios Basterds: Quentin Tarentino masturbates and it's unwatchable.

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