Thursday, July 29, 2010

Would Sell Family To Get Duran Duran To Sing At My Wedding

Today: Such boredom. The kind where you go back and forth between desk and computer until exhausted. I'm coming off the high of going to Macy's last night and salivating over the big poster of JULIA at Lancome counter. Today, I'm reduced to eating a cookie because it's there. Glaring at To-do list and accomplishing nothing. Avoiding making phone calls. There's no sunshine over the fact that Janice Dickinson is picking fights with Rachel Uchitel (as we knew she would) on Celebrity Rehab. Looking forward only to watching TG's face as we view Jersey Shore together as a united front. He's intrigued by Snooki and I want to show him that the path to wisdom resides in a life without Jersey Shore. Let's watch The L Word instead.

I ordered Alexandra Lebenthal's The Recessionistas on Kindle. Figure since it's a recession, I would not pay full price. Have to get through my latest Deepak Choprah, which though calming seems rehashed from earlier books.

Kathy Griffin is signing at Border's at Columbus Circle on Monday 8/2. Do I dare go?

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DM said...

Let's all go to the real Jersey Shore!! Pleeeeze. xxx