Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baaaaa Baaaaa, $$$$, Baaaaa Baaaa

Much ado is being made over the 1/2 man of Two and Half Men, Angus T. Jones, who spoke his mind about the show being filthy and no one should watch. A double-edged sword here, which in the grand scheme of life amounts to gooey meadow muffins in a field. The little lamb should be able to speak his mind and not feel compelled to apologize for his "rant." I'm tired of these celebs apologizing. Note to Chuck Lorre: If Dish were hired for the show, she would keep any Buddha/Pagan/PrincessDi/New Jesus thoughts separate from work, as in don't whizz on the hand that signs your paycheck. Does no one understand this?

I know this disturbs us all but Jessica Simpson had sex again. US Magazine got the scoop that JS might be with child #2. Please make the lambs stop screaming. Until then...

Screw you, writers of Dexter! How could you kill off my favorite character since the Trinity killer? The rest of the season will suck. Characters are now a spray tan away from putting me to sleep. A high body count will not bring fabulous back. And don't insult me by making him--or her--another dumb mentor ghost! Hello, Jaws? You've been jumped.


Sam said...

What, no Damonetics thoughts?

Dish said...

Good point. I think the Damon will appear soon, as we reach these End Times. I can hear him now saying, "It's not your fault..." Oh wait, that's Mork from Ork!