Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cold Showers Are Not Funny

I've learned a lot these few days without power:

I am addicted to media.
The constant darkness makes me depressed and could have contributed to anxiety of the last 15 years, not as much the claustrophobia. Thanks, NM Sun! You've given me a disorder.
All my dreaming of living in the country, no more. I am thoroughly a city girl. The silence would drive me crazy. Candlelight sucks after a while.
I understand what Shelby (Julia) goes through when Sally's trying to get her to drink the OJ during her diabetes attack in Steel Magnolias. It's what she needs most but she can't bear to have it. I need sunshine and people and interaction but I can't bear to go out.
I would make a terrible vampire.
Sh$tting in the dark makes no sense.


HersheyKiss said...

Be glad you're a girl. Cold showers for boys are horrendous! Hoping for electricity for you very soon! xoxo Hersh

Anonymous said...

We too hope you can have a warm shower. And electricity. And media most of all.

Dish said...

Yeah, Hershey, I heard loud cursing coming from the shower when Tg was in there.