Friday, November 16, 2012

Dish's New Imaginary Best Friend!

I have a new BFF in the form of Ron Ben-Israel, god-host of Sweet Genius, the dessert cooking challenge show. TG and I are in love! Not only is he captivating as a personality, but his art is spectacular. I might have spent the last few hours watching Youtube videos of his cake creations. You do that for BFFs. I'm sure that if I posted videos of me knitting and reading trashy mags, he'd view them.

In my mind, I go to him when I have problems, like when I'm too reclusive. Ron urges me to meet him at a spot on the Upper East Side (my bad place). Braving the 6 is not easy for Dish, especially during rush hour, but Ron is aware of this. He wants me to conquer my aversion. The flood of young professionals almost makes me hyperventilate but then I see tiers of cakes, patisseries, and candies in the store window. My nerves recede. Behind the curtain is my new BFF with a free plate of frosted sugar cookies.

Maybe I'm getting away with myself. The Cranberry Bliss Bar at Starbucks was a crushing disappointment...

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