Thursday, November 08, 2012

TG and I Are Obsessed with Candice Delong

Every time she's on TV, this former FBI profiler has a new hairdo and fabulous insight into the minds of killers. And check out those probing blue eyes. They pull you in and say, "I am not making you pancakes for breakfast, Jackson." I don't know where that came from This foxy g-lady is direct, no-nonsense and full of truth. She's blond. Brunette. Hair short. Hair long. Bangs. She is the scary woman who goes into the bathroom to cut her hair so that she'll go undetected...or noticed right away. What's more, she is poised for TV. She hostesses Deadly Women and a number of other killer babe shows that TG and I adore. 

Ever since...well, a month ago, I can't seem to stop staring at the walls. I figure after Sandy, NancyNoreaster, my unusual workload and this very long election, I'm allowed to be out of my mind for a while. I'm sticking to those simple pleasures: talking to Dishbrother and father-in-law on the phone, ironing TG's shirts, picking out clothes for the next day, making the bed. Maybe Skyfall will resurrect me this weekend. Sure, Daniel Craig is my fave Bond, but it's not a love thing (maybe a little--I've adored him since Layer Cake). If you know the true Dish Psyche, the one that melts over all Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Seagal, Van Dammness, you understand it's the testosterone-action-exploding-car-awesome-reflexes I can't live without. Plus, Judi Dench could put me on a leash and I would bark and fetch for her till the cows come home.

Today's confession: I watched last night's Couples Therapy and cried my eyes out. Alex's "confrontation" with her sweet mother was so real! Damn you, Dr. Jen. We're all just trying to get through this crazy life... and on TV is always better.


Anonymous said...

what a creep with the botox.grrrrr

Unknown said...

My wife's name in Candi....short for Candace, (Candice)

Call us, 604 860 3180

Chris Hillier